Oral presentation
3 to 5 minutes
PowerPoint (10 slides max) + optional extra material


1. DO NOT READ (there must be NO text in the PPT)
2. DO NOT MEMORIZE what you are going to say
3. Create a powerpoint and WRITE DOWN: proper names, dates and specific information (for example: numbers)
4. Use YOUR ENGLISH: rewrite, adapt and simplify the information you find on the Internet (and remember: translators NEVER work)

OBJECTIVE: Get your message across

EVALUATION: oral presentations represent 10% of the final grade
1. No presentation = :( negative point (attitude & work)
2. Nice presentation BUT you don't follow the rules: 0 points
3. Nice oral presentation and PPT (following the four rules): 5 points
4. EXCELLENT oral presentation and PPT (following the four rules): 10 points
5. EXTRA POINTS: pronunciation & level of English (no Spanish!) = :) positive point (attitude and work)
* beginning and end of the presentation
* make it interesting & fun
* practice pronunciation
* Show & Tell


-Personal: your family, your pet, your friends, your daily routine, your school, your town.
-Traveling: cities around the world, a place where you have been, a trip you made, somewhere you would like to go.
-Free time: a hobby you have, a sport you like, a book you read, a movie, a TV show, a musician or actor/actress you like.
-Art: Monuments around the world (ancient & new), an artist you like.
-Other: Science projects, history projects, music instruments, curiosities and others.


-Be polite: say hi & goodbye - if you don't have a final comment, the end will be... awkward ;-) (I hope you enjoy it / Any questions? / Thanks for your attention)
-ITALY!! When are we going to see it? Can you make a connection with the trip?
-S..p..e..a..k.. S..l..o..w..l..y.. --- reading (or learning by heart) + fast = Epic FaiL o.O
-How about introducing a glossary at the beginning of your presentation?

-Keep it simple - as simple as possible: avoid the passive voice, avoid any long and complex subordinate sentence, avoid "written English" at all costs.
-Make it interesting...please!! No robots allowed -.- Work on your PPT and create something amazing.
-Use images (lots of images) to support what you say and...
-...Write down specific names and new vocabulary (a LOT, with arrows and anything you can imagine)

-Proofread your visuals
-REHEARSE!!!! Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse. R.E.H.E.A.R.S.E. In front of a mirror? Making a video? In front of a friend?